Baby Melson

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Blog

It's time to say goodbye to the baby blog. It's been fun, but now that Colin is here I don't want to maintain two blogs anymore. In the last couple of weeks I have neglected my other blog so I am just going to move over there permanently. If you do not have the link to that blog and would like it please leave a comment here with your email address and I will send it to you or you can email me at emaroo77(at) (removing the at and replacing it with an @, of course). Thanks for reading!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

First meetings!

We got our "sneek peeks" from our birth photographer, Elizabeth from Earth Mama Photography, today and I am just in tears! I cannot wait to see the rest!! I wanted to share a few.

Saying goodbye to Jack as he heads off to Papa and JuJu's house. He barely made it out the door in time! Notice the proud pose he is giving to the camera! He knew great things were in store!

Alan made it back just in time for the FUN!

Mommy's first meeting of baby Colin

Daddy's first meeting

Jack's first meeting

First family meeting

We love you baby Colin!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twins born 2 years apart?

Can you guess who is who?
In all of these Colin is on the left and Jack is on the right.
Seriously - these boys are just carbon copies! I love these side by side comparison shots because it just floors me how much alike Colin and Jack look at the same age. I am sure you will get sick of them (well, maybe not you Jessica...I know you share my obsession with comparison pics - haha!) so I will try and restrain myself.
Without hats on, the biggest physical difference is their heads. Jack had such a pronounced cone head for so long because of the insane amount of time he was in the birth canal and Colin's head is so perfectly round he looks like I had a C-section!
So far Colin has been doing everything perfectly...really! He eats and sleeps, pees and poops, gurgles and cries like a champ! I think that first-time moms miss out on so much because they (we) are so nervous about so many 'big picture' things that we don't take the time (nor have the energy) to appreciate all the little things like their silly pouty faces or the milk dribbling from the side of their mouth as they blissfully fall off the breast into a 'milk coma'. I am so appreciative that my pediatrician doesn't want to see us for 2 weeks because it gives me time to simply nurse and bond in a relaxed setting and not have them breathing down my neck about weight checks, jaundice (which Colin is showing NO signs of) etc. Instead I can do what I know works and just let Colin grow and thrive in peace for a while! If I am at all worried about weight etc, I can get him weighed...but with the way he is eating and sleeping and peeing and pooping - I'd say we have another future linebacker on our hands!
Each day his awake periods are a little longer, with today's being about and hour and a half! It was just magical to see him stare out the window from his sunbathing basket and to watch Jack try and share his trucks with him (only turning scary once with a little bonk on the head - we've recovered!) He is already such a little amazing man given to us by such an amazing God!
More to come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

He's here!!

I know I promised to update, but gee, I've been a tad bit busy - haha!

Life in the Melson house couldn't be more perfect - well, minus a couple of attention grabbing temper tantrums by a certain 2-year-old. Colin Gabriel Melson was welcomed lovingly into our lives Saturday, May 16 at 4:59 p.m. in our home. He weighed 7 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 20 inches long. We had the assistance of an AMAZING midwife, Amy and my doula, Elizabeth. Elizabeth also served as our photographer; we won't have her pics for a while but I know they will be worth the wait!!

I am working on writing out a detailed birth story and will post that when I get a chance. In short, it was a VERY brief labor and we are all still in shock at the perfect timing that God handed to us. He orchestrated the most amazing birth experience I could have ever wished for and will forever be in awe of His Grace!

Just to give you an idea of the speed of everything; my midwife showed up at 4:40 p.m., checked me to tell me I was at 7 centimeters and Colin was born at 4:59. I pushed for about 5 minutes! Remember, I pushed for about 6 hours with Mr. Jack! Oh, how things can change!

Amy, my midwife, came by today to check on me and Colin. Colin has only lost 6 oz. since birth and because he has been a pooping machine he has no hint of jaundice. He is nursing like an old pro and has settled into our lives perfectly!

It is hard to believe he is not even 48 hours old and I feel like he has been in our lives forever.

Blogger is being difficult and is not letting me post pics right now, so instead I will just post the link to our May album on Picasa. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One last peek...

I got to have one last peek at my newest little man yesterday. Amy wanted to check the fibroids one last time to make sure they are still out of the way and that they are small enough to not cause excess bleeding after delivery. The sonographer had a hard time even finding them at first! All good news!

I totally know better than to trust the weight estimations that come from a sonogram because more times than not they are off and often way off. However, he let it slip that Baby M is around 3430 grams or so. So, of course I had to know what that was! I told him I would just look it up online if he didn't tell me (I would, you know!). He said that was approx. 7lb 9oz. Jack was 8lbs 10 oz at 38 weeks and I am 37 weeks now. Granted I think they gain about a pound week at this point, so I might be in for a giant baby anyway! As long as he is healthy...bring it on!

I have been having contractions on and off since Sunday. Some are regular and time-able and others come out of no where and almost knock me off my feet. It is good to know that my body is getting ready, though! Everything else is totally anytime he decides to come, we will welcome him with open arms.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's get settled now!

I haven't mentioned that although everything in our house and minds is ready for this boy to be born...he still seems to be enjoying hanging out inside mommy in any position he finds comfortable. He has been head down for about two months now, but seems to have a lot of room in there to swim around from side to side. When Amy, my midwife, felt around on my belly on Monday she was pretty confident in my assumption about his positioning. So, she gave me several exercises and borderline acrobatics to do to try and get him face down in the next couple of weeks.

Also prescribed were more frequent visits to my chiropractor. I saw him today and he did all sorts of poking and prodding and also gave me more acrobatics to perform. I will likely see him a couple of times a week until Baby is born to make sure he gets into the right position and stays there! One of the reasons Jack's labor was so long was because he was just barely turned to the side making it quite difficult to simply push him out (6 HOURS to be exact...and yes, I will be reminding him of that many times in his teenage years...along with the total of 34 hours of labor).

Basically, Baby M seems to just have a lot of room in there and we think that is because of the fibroids. I was hoping it was because he is a small baby...but I don't think there is much chance of that!!

So, please pray for this little man to get all nice and settled into my pelvis facing the right way to get ready to be welcomed smoothly and quickly into the world in the next couple of weeks!!

I have a 4th sono scheduled for Monday (I would have never dreamed of having this many!) to make one final check of the fibroids before "go time."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Countdown has begun...

As of yesterday I am 36 weeks which means only one more week to go until all bets are off! I no longer have to "take it easy" and avoid anything and everything that could remotely cause the onset of labor. I had my prenatal app. this morning and it all went very well. Since I had been having a decent amount of cramping lately I went ahead and asked her to check me and I am not dilated at all.

So, starting next weekend anything that can help get my body ready for labor is fair game! ANYTHING! Let the games begin! We are SOOOO ready for this boy to be born!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things are a changin'

I have noticed a significant change in how I feel over the last two days. The baby feels like he is literally between my legs and I am waddling much more than I was before. I was actually quite proud of the lack of waddle in my step. No more! Free mobility is certainly something that is becoming a thing of the past. It is quite obvious that Baby M has moved much lower so I assume he is getting into position for his entrance!!!!

Today I have been experiencing some cramping again which I haven't really felt in over a month since that last "episode". I am not going to "worry" until I can tell that they might be coming at regular intervals. Right now it is just a constant dull cramp so I am just trying to stay off my feel as much as I can being a teacher. Of course I had to choose to start a very involved sculpture project 9 months pregnant...brilliant one am I! ;)

I am basically extremely uncomfortable all the time, day and night. I just have to keep reminding myself that I only have a a few more weeks to endure and then our sweet boy will be in our arms!

Our other big change is that I put in my resignation yesterday after 7 years of teaching. That was a very difficult and somewhat sad decision to make, but one that I am excited about as well. Life is full of mixed emotions right now, so I am fine with the jumbled ones I feel now over this huge change! I will be staying home with the boys and working on the weekends with Emily Melson Photography. Life will be hard, but wonderful! God never promised that life would be "easy" for sure! He also never promised that we would understand why we are called to make certain steps in life - just to trust in His will alone! Take my hand, Lord!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

I often feel frustration between being proactive and making plans for my life and that of my family vs. trusting God's plan and knowing that He has it all worked out. I never want to get too steadfast in MY ways that I am interfering with the true plan.

Of course we have been making "plans" in regards to the baby, the birth, jobs, finances etc. Isn't that what expectant parents do? Isn't that what anyone going through a major life change does? Well, yes...but never putting your own plans in front of or in the way of the "steps" that That God has in place for us.

This verse from Proverbs really helped me today. It calmed me and helped me to understand that as long as we are living and "planning" our lives for the Glory of God...He will show us the steps and even hold our hands along the way!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Fluffy bum!

No, not mine...Baby M's! My wonderful cousin, Dana, sister, Anna and best friend, Gina threw me a cloth diaper shower this Saturday. This sweet boy will have a fluffy diapered bum now! YAY!

I am overwhelemed by the wonderful generosity of my amazing friends and family. You are all such a blessing to my family!

The first picture isn't exactly a diaper, but I had to show the beautiful blanket that my sister had made for the baby. It is just gorgeous! Can't wait to wrap it around the babe for some newborn pics!
Bree and Peggy snuck off before I could get a picture with them. I was so excited that Alan's cousin, Angie, drove all the way over from Shreveport just for my shower (that and a little shopping at Northpark! haha!)
Thank you to all that came and gave us diapers and wipes etc. You are all such beautiful expressions of God's love for me and my family. I am constantly in awe at how our family is showered in His love and grace. I am truly looking forward to all the exciting challenges to come!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

'Nesting' or 'Fun with Label Maker'

I wasn't sure what to title this post because both are perfectly applicable to what Alan and I have been doing the last couple of days. I am glad the nesting instinct has FINALLY kicked in because there is stuff to do! We spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon in the attic (while Jack was napping) sorting out newborn clothes and gear, putting away Jack's winter clothes etc. All the while having fun with my handy dandy label maker on all of the many, neatly organized, bins up there.

Today I am washing everything and starting the long process of organizing this tiny house yet again to make room for baby stuff! Luckily I have learned a lot of lessons about what we really "need" and will be much more streamlined with gear this time around. We don't really have a choice in the matter considering we will also have all of Jack's stuff to contend with as well.

I really needed this burst of motivation (don't know if I have the energy to go along with it, but I am doing my best) to get me out of my funk. It helps me to "keep my eyes on the prize" so to speak (thanks Laurie!) Pity party is over!

Work last week was rough - but we survived - and we will survive another, hopefully 5 more at least, but we will stick with one at a time!

I need to takes pics soon of Jack with his "baby". He is so cute. We borrowed Alan's sister's old baby doll and have been talking to Jack about having a baby around and letting him practice holding it etc. He is so cute how he gently pets it and touches it's nose. So adorable! Of course, the cuteness doesn't last long before he starts showing signs of jealousy. We are taking it slow. I am still convinced that he will fall madly in love with his baby brother when he meets him, but I am not too naive to think it will be all sunshine and roses.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hitting a wall...

I am only 31.5 weeks and I have officially hit he "wall". You other moms know what I mean. There is a point in pregnancy when you hit a wall where you just are done, done. You are done being pregnant, done hurting (oh the pain), done not sleeping, done being hormonal (ok, that still lasts a while), done not having clothes that are comforatable, done being told how you look like you are about to burst (when really you have 2 months left). I feel guilty for feeling this way because there are so many moms that are not lucky enough to even carry this long and have to cry over preemies. I am blessed for being healthy and carrying a healthy baby but I don't know if I have the energy to get up, get dressed, go to work only to teach annoying, ungrateful high school students one more day.

I think that hit last night when I was in HORRIBLE pain and trying to get comforatable in bed (ya, right!). When I was home for two weeks, I was not in this kind of piercing, stabbing, miserable pain. It is because of me coming to work everyday and teaching that the pain has returned. That realization made me just want to quit right this second.

Please continue to pray for God to sustain me, physically and emotionally for as long as needed. Pray that I will stop staring at the mound of work that needs doing and actually do it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to business

I went back to work yesterday and it actually went quite well. I was just really tired when I got home, but was in pretty good physical shape. This morning I am having a tiny bit of cramping, but am about to take the herbs that my midwife recommended for cramps (which have helped amazingly so far) to curb those.

My room is a disaster and many of my kids took my absence as an additional mental vacation (i.e. got nothing done) so I am still trying to pick up the pieces and move on.

I am glad to be back and have some normalcy to life right now...but I am still counting the days until our little munchkin makes his debut! (39 days until I am 37 weeks in case you were wondering. In other words - that is as long as I have to "take it easy". After that time, we start the jumping jacks and the long walks at IKEA!)

As I told my principal yesterday...I am just taking this one day at a time and often one hour at a time.

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, from the mouths of babes!

Everyday on our drive home Jack likes to point out all the many school buses we see. He says "hi" and "bye" to them as they pass. Of course since Alan is ever the literalist he had to teach Jack the difference between DART buses (Dallas Area Rapid Transit for those of you not in DFW) and school buses.

So, as usual today Jack is saying "hi" to all the buses he sees and when he sees a DART bus he says "there's a big DART bus. Mama big too."

As I tried to absorb what he had just said I asked him what he said and he repeated it with a satisfying "yup" at the end.

So, there you have it...I am officially as big as a DART bus. You can continue with your day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flippin' flips

I had my 30 week prenatal appointment this morning with one of the midwives at the birthing center and the baby still seems great! About 2 weeks ago I suspected that he had flipped to the head down position and turns out I was right. She also asked if that was about when the cramping and contractions started and indeed it was. So, she is guessing that all of this might be just from the positioning of the baby now. It makes perfect sense. It doesn't make it any less painful, frustrating or scary at times, but at least there might be a reason for all of this. I guess that is why she is the medical professional and I am not! haha!

Pray for me as I return to work next week. I know I have asked for that before, but I am really needing strength to get through that. I know it will be a day by day thing but I really just want and need to tie up some loose ends. I am praying that God will sustain me long enough to finish what needs to be done and for me to understand what the most important needs actually are and not stress about little details.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keep cookin'!!

Man, this whole "is it?" or "isn't it?" pre-term labor thing is driving me nuts. Today was probably the scariest because I knew that if something happens now, I am likely in the hospital...maybe not for good, but it is at least a much more serious situation.
After taking Jack for his two year well visit I came home experiencing a lot of cramping. I lay down on the couch and started keeping an eye on the time. Yup, every 10 minutes a mild contraction would come on (mild doesn't mean any less scary or noticable). That lasted about an hour or maybe a little more. I decided to give it a little longer past the last one and suddenly it all went away - and I have felt fine all afternoon and evening. Go figure!
PLEASE keep praying that labor stays far away for 6 1/2 more weeks!!
It is strange because I will have a day where I feel great and then the next I feel awful. It has been this every other day mess since last Monday and I just can't figure it out.
Also, please pray that I am able to return to work next week. I am not trying to over do anything, but there are so many things that would be so much easier if I am able to return to work for at least the next month. I would hate for the year to end with me just disappearing and having no resolution with my kids. However, if God has other plans, I will obey.
To add a little levity to this is a pic of my ginormous 30 week belly!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, hiccups can get annoying

Well, this small hiccup has turned into an unexpected week off from work. If I weren't being docked my full pay, it would be easier to stomach. I just have to keep reminding myself that money is NOT what's important here...a happy and healthy baby staying in my cozy uterus is!

Tuesday I felt pretty good all day; I was certain I would be back at work Thursday. Today has been a different story. I have felt "off" since I woke up. I have had mild cramping all day and my midwife just wasn't comfortable with me going back to work this week. So, that gave me 2 more days of official bed rest. Thankfully, I have next week off for Spring Break, so that should give me some more time to rest.

Sadly, Alan has to take the laptop back to work tomorrow because his co-worker is going out of town on a business trip and needs to take it. Maybe I will get my book read if I don't have the internet to distract me.

All in all baby and I are doing well. I think Jack is having the hardest time of all. He just doesn't get why the routine has to change and why Mommy isn't picking him up in the afternoons etc. He has such a sweet heart, he just wants to hold on tight to me and not let go. It breaks my heart, but I know this will only be temporary. Lord just get us through 7 and a half more weeks and then things can change for a whole different reason!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Small hiccup

Well, it seems God is forcing me to take a little break for a few days. I have been feeling a little "off" since Saturday; having increased braxton hicks contractions and some mild cramping, but nothing to really concern myself with - it was just more noticable than usual. Well, this morning I mentioned to Alan before I left for work that I was cramping, but left for work anyway, assuming it would pass. Once at work the cramping started coming on like waves and was starting to worsen. I didn't hesitate to call the birthing center and went in right away to get checked. Good news is, my cervix is good and closed!! Bad news is...I am now on temporary bed rest through Wednesday. Basically, I just need to take it easy for a few days and give my body some time to rest. Hopefully that is all, and I will be back up and working etc later this week.

The best part about all of this is my new angel...and she doesn't even know it. I went to see a friend in the hospital yesterday who just had the most adorable little baby girl. While I was there we started talking about her experience with pre-term labor with her oldest son. If she had not told me some of the things she had yesterday, I likely could have ignored my symptoms longer which could have been a very scary situation. So, thank you Lord for your words through Meredith!

In the end...we are all just fine!! Baby M 2.0 and I are just spending some quality time together in bed and drinking gobs of water. Good thing a new book I had been wanting to read came in the mail today!

So, pray for this babe to chill out and keep cooking! We have a LONG way yet to go as I am just 29 weeks yesterday.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An open letter to my first born son...

As we prepare for baby #2 I have been thinking a lot about Jack, and his impact on our lives in just two years. While I know this will come with gobs of tears, I have been drawn to write down just how he has changed my heart.

Dear Jack,

Just over two years ago, your daddy and I were still wondering what you looked like, how big you would be and whether we would ever sleep again. Little did we know that none of that would really matter; as soon as you were born my heart changed, because I was a mother - your mother. You will always be my first born, my first baby, the one that taught me everything about being a mother, a wife and a woman. No one else can ever claim to do that - you will always hold that very special place in my heart and in our family.

I am reluctant to say that you have been the “dream child” because after all, you are just now two. Everyone talks about how “terrible” the twos are, but I really do feel that you have been a dear, loving, laid-back kid over the last two years. Sure, you have had your moments when you were overly tired or sick and just couldn’t keep it together. Don’t worry - when you were sick it made me sick too, and I cried right along with you. There were also times when you just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t take the flashlight into the bath with you, or when it was just too cold to go outside, and that made you quite upset. But through it all, you would listen to Mommy or Daddy, simply decide that it was “OK” and then calm down quickly allowing your sweet smile to return. This is just one of many ways that the Holy Spirit has shown within your heart.

Speaking of your heart, it’s truly the largest part of you – and knowing what a big boy you are, that is saying a lot! You are always very concerned when others are sad or scared. I see how it affects you; you want to help and show love to them. It’s truly beautiful. One moment that is imprinted on my heart forever was what you said to me the other night. We were all three in the car; I thought you were asleep and I was talking to Daddy about how sad I am that your life is going to change so much when your baby brother is born. I know this is a confusing time for you, and you don’t really understand why everything has to change; sometimes I feel the same way. As excited as I am to meet this new baby, I will also miss the wonderful threesome that makes up our family right now. As Daddy and I talked that night, I was trying to be quiet - but you heard my sobs, and said to me as if from Jesus’ mouth directly, “Mama, no crying”. Of course that made me cry more, but they were grateful tears for the reassurance that the Lord gave me in that moment that you are stronger and wiser than I have given you credit for. You are going to fall in love with your baby brother and teach him everything you know.

Remember that you will always be my first-born, and will always hold a place in my heart that no one else can hold. You made the unknown known and the scary safe. You made life important and meaningful for your daddy and me. Your brother will double the love and joy we already have for our family, but will not take away from the impact that you have had.

I love you!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Still truckin'

I had my 28 week appointment today as well as another sono to check on those fibroids. All news is great! Both fibroids have shrunk considerably and the baby looks fantastic, as expected!

Even though we had seen this baby boy's "goods" clearly at the last sono, he went looking just to be sure and reported..."he's still a boy!"

Despite the dreaded third trimester weight gain, I am only measuring about a week to a week and a half ahead now as opposed to about 3 weeks ahead before, which is further proof that my belly is becoming more baby and less fibroids. YAY! Answered prayers there!

Here is our boy today...just a little over two months before we get to meet him in person! Keep cookin' precious!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shoes really do make the woman!

So, I have been seeing a chiropractor for several weeks now to help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that I have been feeling in relation to this pregnancy. It has been helping a lot, the evenings I am still pretty much a cripple with lots of wincing and whimpering. Poor Alan says he feels so helpless, when in fact he is being such a huge help! He is pretty much in charge of bath/bedtime which helps me tremendously by not having to bend over the tub or lift Jack etc. I think I am the one that feels helpless sometimes when I see my sweet boy running towards me, all wet and wrapped in a towel, wanting only me to lift him up. I have tried to train him to let me sit down first before I hold him.

There are a million more things that Alan does to help me and our household and for that I am eternally grateful! Not only could I not be prenant without him (duh!) but I am not sure how I would get through this pregnancy without him. He is my rock!

Anyway - back to the chiropractor - he ordered me to buy new shoes, which of course my penny pinching husband loved hearing! haha! I am VERY much a sandle/flip-flop girl even when it is chilly. I knew the order would come soon...but didn't want to hear it. I actually laughed when he told me to get shoes with a back. Anyone in my family knows that this is not such an easy feat (pun intended). We all have very hard to fit feet, although mine are probably the easiest of everyone, but are narrow in someplaces and wider in others. I finally found 2 pair of Born shoes. I love the comfort of them...once my heels are toughened up. I have a wide ball and high arch, but a narrow heel, which means heel blisters! I got through 3 days of wearing my new shoes and my pain level was lower but my heels were on fire; raw and blistered. I decided to give my poor doggies a break yesterday and wore my trusty flip flops (I know, always the rebel). Well, I hurt, BAD! I can't even describe the pain I had yesterday. Granted I was more active than usual, but that couldn't have been all of it.

Well, I learned my lesson and am back in my "grandma" shoes today and wouldn't you know it...I feel much better! Not pain free (I honestly don't think that is possible) but I can sit and stand without stabbing, shooting pains in very unpleasent places.

So, in this case...the shoes have most certainly made this woman! Made me much happier!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another tri bites the dust!

It is hard to believe that I am already in my 3rd tri-mester as of this past Sunday. I have 89 days to go until my due date! Of course, Jack tricked us up and came about 16 days shy of his due only God can tell when the actual date will be. Baby M 2.0 still entertains us nightly with his acrobatics and kicks. It is fun to watch and feel. I am really trying to appreciate these last few months as this could very well be my last pregnancy so I want to make sure that I can remember something pleasant from it! haha!!

I have begun seeing a Chiropractor and have started feeling some relief. I still feel like an invalid much of the time, but am finding it a bit easier to get through each day. Let's hope I continue to improve.

We have yet another sono (sigh) next Monday to check on the fibroids. I am growing tired of these sonos, but understand their usefulness. I just don't like doing more than one or two...but if it means we catch something that might interfere with birth or the health of the baby...I will do it.

Not a very exciting post...but an update none the less. Here is a pic of my 26 week pregnant belly.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Melson boys will be fighting!!

I had a photo shoot yesterday with our friends Geoff and Amanda's BEAUTIFUL daughter, Ivy. It will be interesting to see which Melson boy wins her heart first...but it has to be one of them! Jack might have a head start as he was flirting pretty heavily yesterday. She is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have seen in a long time. Holding her and seeing her through my lens made me all the more excited and impatient about seeing my own cuddly little baby!

Here are two pics of beautiful Ivy that I took yesterday.

My 24 prenatal appointment went well last Tuesday...nothing too exciting, which is good! I am going to have yet another sono at 28 weeks to check out those pesky fibroids again. I am now measuring 4 weeks ahead, which puzzles me. I don't see how they would have been shrinking and then grown again, so I am sure it is all fine...we just want to be safe.

Baby M is becoming quite the acrobat, we know he is thriving!!

My pain level is worsening that is the biggest frustration now. I do plan to finally get my butt to a chiropractor in the next week or two to see if he can't fix some of this. I just don't see going 15 more weeks like this. I have a very hard time picking up and caring for Jack sometimes. My AMAZING husband has really been stepping up and, without complaint or question, just jumped right in and done what needs to be done...and that just makes me love him so much more.

I can't believe it, but I am actually shopping for a recliner on Craigslist to try and sleep in since sleeping laying down is becoming so terribly painful. Whatever works!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cloth Diaper Goodness!

I got my first (and only for now) shipment of new fluffy, fuzzy cloth diapers for the new baby today! I am oddly excited about them...they are just too cute.

We already have, left over from Jack, our newborn Kissaluv diapers and covers and a handful of new Fuzzi Bunz in small and medium that we have collected along the way. Today we got 2 size 1 and 2 size 2 Little Beetle diapers intended to be for night time, hopefully. I also got my 3 goodmama diapers that I raved about previously. They are just as scrumptious in person.

I also ordered one diaper as a test. If you know me, you know I have pretty much stuck with the Bum Genius One Size pocket diapers. They are fantastic, but the Velcro starts to wear after a while (a long while...but it wears just the same). Well, Bum Genius came out with (follow me here) an Organic, One Size, All-in-one with SNAPS! That means it grows with the baby but does not have an insert. I just bought one for now to see how well it works - I will likely try it out on Jack. If I like it, I will add a few more to my registry. For everyday ease and for the convenience of other caregivers, the regular Bum Genius are still my favs mostly because of the stretchy tabs which make for a great fit. I am just liking snaps more and more these days because of their durability factor. I wonder if Jack's Bum Genius had snaps if we might not have been able to get more use out of them for baby #2. As it is, they are pretty much all trash as soon as Jack is done with them. Don't get me wrong, they have paid for themselves time and time again when you compare to disposables etc...I just would have liked to wring a few more pennies out of them.

Here are my latest additions to my Fuzzy stash:

The other night when Judy and I went to that baby boutique I fell in love with this t-shirt. It says "It ain't easy bein' a cowboy". I can't wait to put it on him with his cowboy diaper!

Closeup of the shirt...soooo cute! I have become obsessed with cowboys lately. If I had a separate room to decorate as Jack's big boy would SO be a cowboy room! Next house I guess - whenever that will be.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not so hidden agendas

Tonight we had dinner with Alan's parents. Afterwards the boys went to the bookstore and the girls went to a nearby boutique childrens clothing store to see what deals we could find on baby clothes for baby #2. As Alan, Papa and Jack set off for the bookstore I instructed Alan to find the book "Too big for Diapers" with Ernie on the cover. Hey, we are trying any kind of reinforcement we can think of. When they came back not only had they found that book but also found "The New Baby", a Berenstain Bear book.

So tonight before bed poor Jack was inundated with Mommy and Daddy's not so hidden agendas of potty training (so Mommy doesn't have 2 babies in diapers) and getting Jack used to having a new baby in the house.

He loved the books...let's see if he gets the message.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

22 weeks...

In just under a week I will be exactly 4 months from my due date. That date could be tomorrow and I would be perfectly happy! But alas, it isn't up to me!

Not much to report other than I got to see the first kicks and ripples on the outside of my belly this morning. Jack and I were up early, letting Alan sleep, and I was lying on the couch when I first noticed it. I called Jack over to see and he laid his ear to my tummy and said "Hi Baby". I think he is starting to come around. He still refuses to admit that he will be a big brother. We remind him of his friends that are big brothers and he always perks up. I realize he won't have any real clue what the heck is going on until it all comes down, but at least we are trying to prep him for the biggest change in his young life so far.

We have started buying and acquiring the little bit of baby gear we need, which is fun. Really, all we will have left that we will really needs is, shockingly, cloth diapers. A good friend of ours gave me a sack full of 3-6 month fall boy clothes and I am SOOO grateful! All of Jack's 3-6 mo clothes are summer and given that we live in Texas - who knows what the weather will be like, but we are set either way! THANKS again Meredith! It is so fun to go through all the little bitty baby things again. Looking at Jack's clothes brings back such memories of when he was a tiny thing. I am so excited to see another sweet babe get to wear it all again!

I guess I have rambled enough. To close I will leave you with a scary picture - my belly at 22 weeks. HOW am I so big at 22 weeks? Oh well...I have only gained about 7 lbs, so at least I know it is the baby and not me! LOL!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Steal my heart...

I have to tell our first "sibling" story that just made my heart melt this evening. I put Jack in bed around 7:30 with his favorite CD on. I had skipped about 3/4 of the way through the CD so that it wouldn't stay on too long. I guess he wasn't asleep when it ended so he got up and came out to find me at the computer. I picked him up to take him back to bed when he asked me to sing. So, as we sat down in the chair Jack laid on my chest with his head on my shoulder. He requested that I sing "Jesus" (Jesus Loves Me). As Jack and I sang to each other Baby M 2.0 kicked me and thus Jack in the tummy. I don't see how Jack could have felt it, but he turned and looked up at me with the most angelic smile - and then continued to sing. Of course hormonal Mommy started to cry - happy tears - for my two baby boys!

I *heart* cloth diapers!

When I decided to use cloth diapers with Jack it was for both economical and environmental reasons, really nothing else. I saw them as simple vessels to hold and absorb pee and poo. Well, now...I am simply in love with them. I know, it's crazy. I LOVE cloth diapers. I love the cute prints and adorable fluffiness. My favorite so far are from They are a bundle of squishy, soft loveliness! They are also not cheap. Now, given the cost of disposable diapers for 2-3 years and the cost to the earth for eternity...they are still well worth the cost, but they are a decent amount more than the run of the mill Bum Genius cloth diaper that Jack used. The difference? Well, there is one...other than the cuteness. They are organic, which is great...but also bamboo which is not only HIGHLY renewable but also very absorbent. Like the Bum Genius they are "one size" which means they can size up all the way through toddler-hood; another cost saving measure.
Their girlie prints are just to die for, but I was holding out until we learned the sex of Baby M 2.0 to buy one. I already told Alan that I wanted to get just one (for now) as a celebratory first gift for the baby. Well, low and behold...I log in last night and they are ON SALE...which they rarely are. I got 3 dipes for the cost of 2! That is HUGE! I know...I am getting far too excited over a poop receptacle...but I have that right!

Here are pics of 2 of the ones I bought. I was praying that the cowboy one would not be sold out by the time I was ready to buy...and I got it!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Team blue is still going strong!

It looks like we will be welcoming another boy into our house this May-yes, a BOY! I am still in shock. I have always been SOO perceptive to my body and really, really thought this was a girl. I am not at all disappointed, just really surprised. This just proves to me that we did the right thing finding out!

He looks very healthy and strong, so that is the best news! Also after measuring the pesky fibroids again one of them looks about the same size as before and the other is about half the size it was a month ago. So I will likely have another sono in another couple of months just to make sure that we are still on course for a normal birth, but no one seems to think there is any reason to think it should be a problem. So, YAY!

Forgive me for being tacky for a moment, but I have to say that it is a relief in a way that we can re-use most of Jack's clothes etc. That will save us a BUTT LOAD of money! Every time I put more of his clothes in storage, I remember being a little sad that I might not be able to use them again. The seasons will be a little bit off seeing as there will be a 3 month difference in birthdays, but it got warm rather quickly after Jack was born, so most everything should work. Luckily this baby will be born in late May so his wardrobe will likely consist of his birthday suit and diaper, t-shirts and onesies for the first few months anyway!
I have just been smiling from ear to ear since we found out. God is so great and a healthy baby is SUCH a wonderful blessing!!

Here are some pics from Baby M 2.0's latest photo session.

The one below cracked me up because the sonographer was trying to get a measurement of one of the fibroids and also got a great rump pic in the process!

And, what you have all been waiting for...the penis! It is hard to see but look just below the "O" in "BOY".